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Jincon beckons.

Well, I think everyone knows already, but I have a need to be formal, since this news is a lot happier.

As you may know, I'm headed to Chicago in the beginning of December, due to grievous circumstances, to go see someone just in case I can't anymore after that.

However, it has come to my attention that a lot of people want to go too.

A lot of people. I'm still in awe of not only how many truly badass people I know, but how many want to come see me. ^_^;

Thus, Jincon is born.

Man, it sounds really arrogant to name a con after yourself, but I didn't do it, and it sounds pretty to *me*! Man, I'm conceited. =D

It'll be in Chicago (or at least the surrounding area, or rather WAAAY surrounding area, but within reason). I'll probably be bustling here and there around, but there ARE 24 hours in a day, after all. I *know* I'll be there December 6th for a certain reason which may or may not need to be disclosed! But as to the rest of the time, I know I'll be there...well, however long I can afford to be up there.

Now, I know a bunch of people so far (like, 20+) have already stated interest in going; some, however, have differing finals weeks, which is the point of this entry as a whole.

If you would like to go to Jincon (and there will be more details, obviously, as the day draws near), let me know in a comment here, OR email me at jin@jinvasion.com (which works, now!) with when you'd like to be there. Basically, just anytime in the beginning half of December is fine; I'll likely be there. If you dunno when, or you're not sure, that's cool; just let me know you're seriously interested, so I can get a good idea going of exactly how to work this out. Even a vague idea will be fine; I'll be basing when I'm going based on how many people will be around, obviously. But the 6th I have to be there.

We're doin' all kindsa stuff, apparently, like D&D, and Magic, and likely if you know me online, we'll be doing something you like. One of the best things about everybody going being a good friend of mine is that I can certifiably attest to them being the coolest people ever.

Just hit me up. ^_^
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