Jin / Loche (jinsaotome) wrote,
Jin / Loche

My new computer's online and going.

Christ, it's INCREDIBLE. I feel so ALIVE and yet I was so sick yesterday. Quite a mixed feeling.

So I dub thee, computer, The Sublimely Magnificent JinBOT Mark III!

So people, are there any utilities or neat things I should get on this brand new HD?

It's 60 gigs, but I'm at 40 already; remember, I was raised on 6 gigs.

I put in WinKawaks again, so I'm up for MvC and Cyberbots related games (#chrono, I'm looking at you) again, as is vRO. D2, Starcraft, and all Half-Life games are back too. I can finally play everything I own again!!

I also got a bootleg copy of Star Wars: Battlefront free with this. It's neat. ^_^
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