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I really like it when a secret is entrusted to me, but I do not like it when that secret is something someone else really wants/needs to know. It's a really conflicting feeling, especially when you're not even all that important to or directly involved with the people that're involved in said secret.

I don't know.

Everything's been halfway decent lately; I've been playing Magic on a DCI level for the past two days. I was so hyped, so ready to actually do stuff that would affect my DCI rating, and yet...

I feel like I brought a Sherman tank to a gunfight.

My total record for the past two days in terms of two-out-of-three matches was 24-1, and the one match I lost was because I let the other person use one of my own decks. I lost 5 games total out of like...50 or so. I don't get it. I'm not that good of a player, although I like to talk like I am. :D The Houston area CAN'T be this bad, and I can't be this good, so...why did the card shop I play at put a BOUNTY on my head? YES, a bounty; the person that is able to beat me in a two out of three match gets 2 booster packs.

My ego's inflated enough. I don't need THIS much help with it.

Pain in the morning: Subsiding, but still intense.
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