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You know what a bad byproduct of being all over the place on the internet is?

You get like five times the drama.

So many people I know have problems, and I can do roughly 0 about it. Blaaaah.

Anyway, in an effort to be NEW and EXCITING in spite of all of this stuff going on, I have decided to include my own super Jin meme, which someone else may or may not have done, and am posting my five current thoughts, which I am thinking right about...now.

Top five thoughts:

1. I wonder where she is. It's not like her to be gone this long, even if her main IRC server is crashed down.

2. This Vial Affinity deck better work...I really don't think Tooth and Nail has what it takes.

3. Man, the hardest part about setting two of your best friends since high school up and finding out they're perfect for each other is the fact that it suddenly sets in that you are, in fact, now a third wheel. Screw 1. 3 is the loneliest number.

4. That was the longest thought ever. That doesn't count though, so...I really wish that all of my friends would like...like each other and not decide to NOT like each other. That seems to grow more impossible by the day.

5. I wonder if I'm not getting enough sleep...but it'll just hurt when I wake up in the first place :/ I guess it makes sense to not want to logically then.
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